Olalla Grange Saturday Night Bingo Closed until further notice

Please help bring bingo back to Olalla!

Volunteer your time to a very fun long standing tradition here at the Grange.

The details are bottom of page. Please contact us with your thoughts.

Arrive Early to Get Yourself Set-up

                         Doors open at 5 pm

Early Bird:  6:00 – 6:30 pm

Regular Session:  6:30 pm – 9:20 pm

10 Regular Packet Games

Plus Charity Special – Double Action

  Quinella – Jackpot – Texas – Pick 8 – Bonanza – PowerBall

Family Oriented

$7 dinner specials served and snack bar


Children welcome age 6+ – must be with guardian

Texas Blackout | Jackpot  – Top Prize $250 | Pick 8 – Top Prize $500 | Bonanza Blackout | Power Ball \ Double Action | Quinella


2021 we need volunteers to help manage and run Bingo at the Grange in order for it to be successful.  Can you help?  Contact us

How many people does it take to run Olalla Grange Bingo Successfully?

A happy Staff of at least 6 volunteers to make it thru the session and 2 kitchen helpers. 8 is a minimum number.

The optimize goal is a core group of 10 trained qualified desk clerks to trade off each week to minimize fatigue, giving everyone a break to keep it from being burdening.

1 Bingo manger – full time position over sees entire program, checks stock of supplies, accounts and deposits funds, responsible to Olalla Grange and W.S. gambling commission

Bingo session positions needed each week:

2 desk clerks – they are qualified to be responsible for operating the session. Opening up the Grange, bingo set up, selling cards, receiving and distributing money, Accounting – tracking money on report cards, timing of specials bingo cards sales, handling issues and making decisions.

2 or 3 Bingo callers – Starting by stating the rules, begin and end each game by calling procedures, be upbeat, positive and have fun

2 floor operators – verifying and calling out winning card numbers and to be upbeat, positive and have fun.

1 or 2 kitchen helpers – help prep and serve food and to be upbeat, positive and have fun.

2019  – The Kitchen is run by entrepreneurs that maintains a high standard of preparation and serves quality food with real plates and silverware. Please become part of our next kitchen crew. On an average you take home $350 a night.

Please support their efforts, by eating out at the Olalla Grange while you play BINGO!