2023 – We Need Your Support! 

Volunteering is crucial in any community effort.  The Olalla Grange is a good example.  We have decades of successful in our support in the community.  To continue…We do need help moving the organization into the future. The Olalla Grange serves our community by supporting local organizations and public activities.  Also donating funds to local causes.

The Grange as a community asset…is a treasure that has been handed down through the decades.  There is a strong sense of community pride here. Olalla needs good community partners and by joining the Olalla Grange helps our community.  We ask you to make the circle grow larger.

Marty getting cake

Please consider being part of this worthy effort! Join the Grange by using our contact page and give us an opportunity to meet you.

Examples of tasks that are needed:

  • Maintenance of the grounds and building.
  • Fill staff positions that make monthly decisions about activities and the facility.
  • Staff “Saturday Night Bingo” with helpers, kitchen cooks and most important bingo callers.
  • Repairs and improvements.
  • State and County Fair booth builders.
  • Help with media networking to keep in touch with the community